Quick as… for Honiton Learning Community Schools

INVIGORWRITE has been commissioned to work with 19 Y5 and Y6 children from schools in the Honiton Learning Community between March and June 2015.

It was great to start this course of six sessions with a teachers’ meeting at Littletown Primary Academy. We were able to talk through with teachers some of the ideas and activities we were planning to present to kids in the sessions and even get the teachers writing with their 3 WORD WEDNESDAYS!

Another innovation for this course is the opportunity to work from different inspirational venues. We are based for 4 of the sessions at the wonderful Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton – using the exhibitions as starting points and by our final session using the writers’  work as a contribution to the exhibition. We are also working from The Boston Tea Party Cafe in Honiton and the Langmoor Room overlooking the beach in Lyme Regis.

Important outcomes of the course will be the development of a personal writing journal, filled with ideas and first draft pieces, and the completion of a portfolio of work including flash fiction, short stories and poems created by the young writers.

Teachers are interested to see what impact this small scale intervention has on not just the quality and quantity of writing produced but also aspects such as motivation and interest, excitement and enjoyment, and general attitude to writing. We want participants to have the opportunity to behave like writers and to see themselves as young writers.

Watch this space for photos and examples of writing.


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